Monday, January 24, 2011

Bed Heads & Trains

friday we had some friends over for some rowdy times.
it is so fun to see the kids playing and what their imaginations come up with.

like train rides......

and the very popular,
make shift trampoline........

king of the mountain....

what are some of the imaginative things your kids have come up with?

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Oh gosh...I have to dig way back. My daughter had a little office set up in the corner of the living room (she's now 29 by the way). She would play office or dentist or teacher and she had papers all over and crayons and tape and stickers. She could amuse herself and me for hours!

    My son loved book, espectially the Berenstian Bears. Did he read them? Nope. But he built huge cities and countries with them. He's now 25.

    Cherish these times Summur...they really do fly by.

  2. Forts! Forts with blankets, forts with all the cushions off the couch and chair, forts with boxes, forts in the bunkbeds, and even out in our evergreen treeline. They still love forts!

    Beds make the most fun trampolines :o)! You're a kind Mama for letting four Littles jump on the bed.