Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apple Bath

so we did do some fun things today.
not like everyday has to be fun, but we made do and learned a few things.

i did many loads of laundry,
i know not much fun.
but it is now done, which is nice.

while i did laundry my people played princess in the castle, or in the closet.
please know that these are bags of goodwill donations on the floor, not permanent mess :O)
like that would never happen in my home...HA!

for math lesson we played candy land.
rie "colourrr" as she says it.

i was thinking that a candy land themed birthday party would be a good one, easy cake and of course just decorate with candy.

then we made applesauce.
the girls washed the apples,
well they gave the apples a bath.

sinclair wanted to take a bath in the sink, "just like in Califannnia" she said.
at first i said no....

but hey why not?
this is rie not sinclair btw.

here is a pic to capture my whole day.
and to keep it real.
a messy and a beautiful day.........

Peace really is in Jesus,


  1. I MISS YOU, MISS YOU, MISS YOU so very, very much! I just don't know that I can wait till April to see you guys. I love Skype, but the physically hugging my baby girls and my big girl too is really difficult to be without. I'm sending you lots of hugs lets skype soon please

  2. I love how you put that: "a messy and a beautiful day." That seems to sum up our days as mothers perfectly :)

  3. love that ya put that you were "keepin' it real" in the messy and beautiful!! So true of many days of my life :P

  4. What a magical day! I love all the pictures. Especially the last one! Adorable girls!!!

  5. Love the phrase: "a messy and a beautiful day." It does sound like an absolutely perfect day!

  6. The best days are messy and beautiful. It was like that here today.


  7. You're creating so many wonderful memories!