Tuesday, December 14, 2010


on our way to McKinney we stopped by DQ yesterday to kill some time.
it was the girls first ever DQ visit.
I think they liked it.........

and for some more Queens..........

Happy Birthday to Missy today,
and Cheri tomorrow!

love you both and miss you terribly!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. I love Dairy Queen...sad that we don't have one in Bakersfield. The girls seem to really enjoy their blizzards :-)

    Happy birthday to your beautiful friends!

  2. Are those mini blizzards???? Mmm. Love KKs bow. Glad she finally has enough hair to hold that beaster up!!! :)

  3. Dairy Queen is a staple around here! But it gets so cold that the main one is only open from May until September!! There's one in the next down over that is indoors, though, so we can go there if we're desperate. :-)