Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Not Too Late

to give a gift that will change someones life this year!

our friend Clara made these bunnies for our girls this year.

she made them so we could share with the girls the gift of giving.

this year we purchased some things off of our Christmas catalog, from GFA.

a few of those things were bunnies.

bunnies provide, more bunnies to sell and even lean meat for your family.
for a Dalit family in India that is a big deal.

just thought i would help you spend your money.
especially for those of you who need to do your end of the year giving.
here is a great way to give.


Peace in Jesus,


  1. Rockin!!! Thanks for our chickens <3 Kailyn and I were saying that between your gift and ours maybe there is a missionary in India riding his bike to go and feed some chickens, but on his way he meets some people. Good thing he has those tracts!!!! Then we witnesses to people and they are saved! Praise the Lord :)

    The third picture: KK looks EXACTLY like you, and she looks 12. Too funny. Total flashback.

  2. did u open your presents already?
    You didn't let me open mine :O)
    That is true about the bike and chickens, tell Kailyn she is changing eternity :O)
    Love you guys!