Monday, December 20, 2010

Double Date

Matt and I haven't been on a date since my last date post, about a month and a half ago.
Last minute Saturday night we decided it was due time for a night out.
So we went with a wonderful little couple.

Our girls!

We checked out one of the million chicken places around TX,
Raising Cane's.
Seriously there are a lot of Chicken places.
Matt always asks me
"how do they all stay open?"
I am sure it is just as easily as the numerous Wallmarts & Targets on every street corner.
Any way,
this place was super cute.
And with the name came the special movie theme decor and 80's music.
Really good food too.
Totally reminds me of In&Out, with only a few items on the menu and a special sauce.

But with TX Toast.
Come on you totally need more carbs on that plate!

Then after dinner we went to Mardels to let the girls pic up something with their gift cards from Auntie Gisela.
They got bibles to take to church in the morning.
Speaking of church, we may have found our new one.
Praise God!

Then to round out the evening we went to watch a lights display set to music at a fire station in The Colony.
It was very cool!

After that we drove around Castle Hills, yes a neighborhood of Castles, and looked at all the beautiful lights.

A pretty great date if you ask me!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Holy carbs batman! And how come you're all dressed up and gorgeous and Mr. Summur is sportin a hoody?? Sounds like Fun!

  2. Because it was cold outside and Mr. Summur's hoodie is nice and warm ;)


  3. ok so you are so going to have to take us out when we come -- double and/or quadruple date night - haha :)

  4. What fun. mmmm, that texas toast looks good. Nope, one can never have too many carbs at Christmas time!

  5. Sounds like a perfect double date!

  6. So fun! Did you take any pictures of the castle houses? You are such a beautiful family & I love you all to pieces.

  7. You think every restaurant is like In N Out in Texas lOl!!! Love KK's jacket, haven't seen it in awhile.

    A church???? Yea!!!! Is it far from Dallas??? :) We did lights in Turlock last night and tonight. Good times. We'll miss the lights here, but I'm sure we'll find good ones in the city.

  8. Omgoodness I NEED that plate carbs!!

    Doing a bit of hopping. Hope you'll come by Lucy’s when you get a chance.

  9. Castle Hills? Is that pretty far north? We need to take the kids out to see some lights (because we put up absolutely zero this year!) From what I'm hearing, all the good stuff in Dallas is on the north end. :)

  10. Sounds like the perfect double date :o)!