Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

it wasn't what we were use to.
but it was a great time with some new friends.
our friends, Chris and Ron, had us over for Christmas Eve dinner.
Chris made this awesome Paula Dean Ham, it was covered in puff pastry.
so good!

the men had a blast playing fuse ball.

and the girls had fun playing with the Maxam girls, who are 10 and 14, and are very sweet to play with the girls all night.

Chris had her home decorated so nice, and the girls loved looking (trying not to touch) all of their beautiful things!

we left the Maxams and stopped by our friends the Zinsers.
They had a chocolate fountain, dark chocolate!
and we played games and darts.
it was a nice time with some new friends.

(here is a pic of some of us playing loaded questions)

we missed you all back in Cali and can't wait to see you all in April!

Peace in Jesus,

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  1. It can be tough to start new traditions, but it sounds like your Christmas Eve was a lot of fun!