Friday, December 17, 2010


I am so over sorting bibs and finding a convenient place to store them.
Plus many of the ones we have are super stained.
I was hoping we could be over them by now, but the girls are still pretty messy when they eat.

we use cloth napkins mostly.
Not because I am so fancy,
but because I am thrifty!

This is our new bib.
A cloth napkin pinned back with a clothes pin.

And it is even a great wipe to use when you are all done eating.
Just fold it over and use the clean side to wipe those baby faces!

I am sure I didn't come up with this grand idea, but I thought I would share it with you if any one else struggled with how to protect toddler clothing.

Peace in Jesus,


  1. They're eating YOGURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great idea! We keep our bibs in the kitchen on the hand-towel rack.

  3. why are you shocked about yogurt?
    Wendy that is a great idea!!!

  4. lovely post.

    family first,

    Happy Friday!

  5. You're so cute! I was just in Target the other day & saw some adorable cloth napkins . . . I can't help but to think of you everytime I see cloth napkins. You're the only person I know that uses them. I love you babe! You're the best!

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    Yep, Luca had to have a turn again. I guess I didn't need to publish it, but why not? So this is why I don't do this when the children are awake.