Sunday, November 21, 2010

77 Degrees Today

Can u believe it?
For church this morning I wore a sweater and put the girls in long sleeve's and tights.
Bad choice!

i was blessed with a gym membership, we got a super-dooper deal, and
if i am going to get serious about loosing my baby weight i realized i need to sweat a little.
so now i am a spinner.
it is so much fun.
the first time was not as fun, actually i thought i might have died.
but now i can keep up with the pros.
it is really cool because you are so motivated by the teacher, and the music, and it is in the dark so no one can see my fat giggling all over the place.

we are still walking on tuesday mornings, another good thing about the weather staying so nice.
hopefully i can loose weight without giving up bread.
i ♥ bread!

pics from our walks, that end in park play dates!

the easy way to push two.....

can u see me?????

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Awesome pictures! You don't need to lose any weight. You're beautiful!

  2. Do because it feels good and because you want to model healthy living for your girls.
    Your beautiful Summur. Hugs from the NorthWest.

  3. You are beautiful :)! Love your photos! That is hot for November!! It was soo cold here in SoCal today!! We have some swings kinda like that at our sensory park...

  4. 77?! Those of us still living up north can't quite fathom that. :)

  5. 77 is ridiculous. It's 3 here today without the windchill. Go on - you know you're jealous!

    I tried a spinning class once. Afterwards the instructor said, "Well, did you like it?" I said, "No. No I did not. I imagine this is a little bit of what hell is like." I'm sure she was as glad as I was that I never returned. LOL I wanna try a Zumba class!!

  6. Good for you joining a gym! It's good for your body, whether you lose weight or not. Just physically moving often makes me feel happier.

    You're a lucky mama spending your days with those two sweet little girls!

  7. Good for you in joining a gym. I would love to take a spinning class! Great pics, everyone is always so happy. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Summur!

  8. I didn't know you had a blog! :-)
    I also didn't know your fat giggled. That makes me giggle. :-)~