Wednesday, October 13, 2010



this is what sinclair has been doing now for 2 hours...
play dough!
rie did it for about 45 minutes.
have i mentioned i love play dough?

i am trying to clean the house and get ready
for my sis and bro and kiddos coming into town.
we are having a birthday party for kailyn, and the kids like that we have decorated early:O)
(please pray for Kori she is sick today)

any way in the craziness of the morning i jammed my toe against a door, then proceeded to fall down whilst my toe was under the door.....twisting my toe.
i am pretty sure it is broken, yes my emt training comes in handy once in a while...HA!

what a morning....
reminds me of this awesome chain burger joint they have here called Whataburger......dare i say it is better then In and Out. Let's face it Californians, in and out use to be way better.

i wonder how my blinds got broken????

Oh Vay!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. That cutie pie peeking out on the last photo warms my heart! Hope your toe feels better soon. You and Beans match. She hurt hers on the weekend. Happy Birthday to Kailyn and prayers for Kori!


  2. I recently bought Play-Dough again - it had been a few years because the resulting mess is almost more than I can handle. :) But now that we have some again the kids love, love, love it.

    Aaagh - your poor toe! Hopefully it will quickly!

  3. So cute! I love the pictures! I hope your toe starts feeling better!

  4. The toe will be better, remember I broke my little toe right before my wedding? Let me know your sis gets there o k please. I know you will have lots of fun together, I know she was missing you as much as I was and am. Love you. Ri Ri looks adorable peeking out, how could you possibly think that angel broke anything????

  5. Ha! I love that last picture! Poor Summur. I hope the toe doesn't give you to much pain and that it heals quickly. And I agree with you on the comment you left on my blog re: the Chilean Miners PTL!!!! What a wonderful miracle!

  6. Aw Rie! :) So innocent looking. Love the green paci. Ouch! Sorry about the toe. I think I broke one of mine about 6 weeks ago. Lewie doesn't believe me but it still hurts, especially when a salt water sandal steps on it. Owie zowie! It's a little crooked too. So EMT trained person... do you go to the doctor for a broken toe? They don't do anything for it anyways, right?

  7. They just amputate it Kerri, so I'd stay away.

    From your cousin Matt :)