Friday, October 29, 2010


Football Fever?
No thanks:O)
We are busier lately.
Praise God working for HIM is the best kind of busy!
On Saturdays Matt seems to have time to catch a game:O)
I thought that would be a great day to do something special with the girls, a project.
Last weekend we did these Paper Towel Roll Owls.
And tomorrow we will make homemade pumpkin bagels.
Mostly more of a project for me, but the girls will love to mix the dough.

Dinner & A Movie

A friend of ours, Joel, told Matt that on Friday nights they have a date night. The kids have a picnic on the floor and watch a movie.
While Mom and Dad have a, some what, quiet dinner alone!
This was the best idea!!
Thanks for the steal Fletchers!

And tomorrow Matt and I get a date night,
a real one.
With A reservation and real babysitters and everything!!!

Have a safe Harvest Weekend!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. YAY!! A real date???? That is so wonderful and so cute about the picnic for the kids - I might have to steal that one too. Have a truly wonderful time enjoying each other on your date!! You are a blessing to me, dear friend!!

  2. Ohyes! Yay for real dates but I like those stay at home kinds too. My honey and I will have a bit of a snack with the kids while they eat supper and once they are in bed get a movie going or get ourselves snuggled on the couch to talk or read or what-have-you, order a pizza or make ourselves a bit of supper and just "chill" together. I love it!

  3. I love the owls!!! And what a fantastic idea about the Friday night dates. We'll have to try that when our girls get a bit older. Hope you guys enjoy your date, what a treat!

  4. Sigh. You make being a mom look easy ;)

  5. I hope not Marty:O) We were interrupted many times, but the 5 minutes here and there to talk were nice :O)

  6. What a lot of fun! I love your little owls...and hope date night was a hoot - hee hee!