Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Can Forget All Your Troubles,

forget all your cares,
and go

today we got out of the leaky apartment and went to historic downtown Carrollton.
we visited a few shops that I would have like to visit without a double wide stroller.

the easiest shop to visit was the candy shop.

there was a really cool fabric store, and a really fun looking vintage store that I hope to spend some more time in.

oh and a horse.

we got some ice-cream, right before lunch, at the candy shop.
it is really hot here.
what's a mother to do?

that cone got tossed,
i should have just stuck with the dibbs.

i was trying to be serious like an antique photo.

after our adventure we picked Matt up for lunch.
i got him a present from the candy shop..........


If you are in Carrollton there is a chocolate walk, downtown, this Friday night from 5-9.
I am hoping to get a bunch of ladies together.
Give me a ring if you would like to join us.

Peace in Jesus,


  1. What fun! I'm glad you're settling in well. I wanna hear what Matt thought of those Bacon mints!

  2. We love downtown Carrollton! So much fun, and a lot of really neat shops. Looks like you and your girls had fun!

  3. I'll be there at 4:30!!!! Well...I might be a little late (like 30 days). Do they have one next month???? :)

  4. Cool candy store. I like the black and white, vintage-y feeling photos.

  5. Bacon mints?!? Do they actually taste like bacon!? Sounds like a maaaavellous day, drippy cones and all. Love the vintage look! Very cool!


  6. Bacon mints--what every guy needs. LOL

  7. What an amazing place! I love the old-fashioned vibe of small towns, and your black and white images capture it well.

  8. Me! me! I want to come to the chocolate walk! :)