Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a night!!!

thanks to my dear sweet husband, i got a girls night.
some of the h.r. ladies went to downtown carrollton for their chocolate walk.
basically all the stores have free chocolate in them, a good way to drum up some business.

ellie and clara eating some yummy chocolate,
melissa and i joining in.

these stores were pretty cute,
but pricey!

there was a thrift store that had pretty good prices,
and a lot of toys from my childhood.
i think i will go back and get sinclair a cabbage patch doll :O)

we had fun dressing up,
in some vintage coats :O)

ellie is quite the photographer,
look at her fancy camera.

she took this pic through the lens of the the fisher price camera.

Although the chocolate was good,
i did get a migraine the next day.
a little birdie,named lisa, told me this could be a trigger.
i hope not!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. Yay for a ladies night out with shopping and chocolate!! Sorry you got the chocolate headache:( Love the cabbage patch idea. I actually bought one for Anne Hope for Christmas too. I don't know if she will be as excited about it as I will!!

  2. How fun! I love that picture taken through the Fisher Price camera, what a great idea. Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun and you definitely deserved a night out Summur!

  3. Now that looked like way too much fun but I have to agree with Lisa - chocolate is very much a trigger for migraines :(

  4. Oh no, I hope chocolate is not a trigger for a migraine for you! If it is at least you will know what to avoid.

    What a fun fun night though! I had a FP camera just like that one when I was a kid. I wonder what happened to it....


  5. Looks like fun. Thanks for letting us come along. :)