Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today In TX

Today has been loooooong,
but good!
We finished unpacking(with one box of clothes left).
That doesn't mean that everything is put away all nice and neat people!
Then we headed outside for some recreation.

Here is the playground right in-
front of the steps to our apt..
The girls like to ride their bikes on this path.
The second pic below shows our steps to the left.
I am going to start some "homeschooling"( I use the term loosely) with Sinclair, and got some pom poms to do some math skills with her.
Sinclair worked on sorting them and,
Matt likes them too!
Later we went for a swim and headed back to the apt. for lunch and nap.
I went on an errand and found myself in a salon getting my hair chopped.
I like the cut, but it is a little shorter then I wanted.....

So short you can see all of my chins........

Another wonderful person brought us a super yummy dinner tonight.
And now I am ready for bed, or at least for the kids to go to bed:O)

Oh and yesterday we Skyped.
Very fun.

One more pic....
Last night I put up our little homeschooling boards.
If you look at the pic above there are bookshelves above our desk. The other side of the wall is the back of these beauties.

Good night Ya'll!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. I think your hair looks adorable! Very very cute! :)

  2. I had a feeling it was a pixie-do. Stinkin Tinkerbell! I have to say after the text you sent, I was scared. But it's cute, Brandon likes it too (sorry Matt).

    Did you ever figure out where your computer saved your Skype pics? I can't find mine anywhere!!!

  3. Your hair looks adorable. I look at you guys and cry. Can we please try real soon to get Sinclair on skype with me, hopefully not right after nap, please I miss talking to her. If I get my way Oct. 1st would be my day to be there, is it good for you?

  4. Mornin' sweet friend...

    I see that you got all moved! Ohhh...the girls are going to love all those sidewalks to ride their bikes on! Hehe! Summur, I love your new's sooo stylish and just perfect for you!!! I like the length! Well sweet friend, just wanted to stop by to say hello and see how you guys were doing! Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend, Darlin'!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. I think your hair is adorable! I like the playground by your house! We grew up with a community playground by our apartment, it was most fun as a child! I like the counting and sorting tools, how fun!!

  6. That is so cool that you have a playground so close. Yeah! Lots of fun! Good luck with the is great to start them early.

  7. Your hair looks nice!

    The girls must be THRILLED to have a playground so close! :)

  8. Love the hair! Always love your hair . . . you could sport a mullet & still manage to look adorable! And how awesome to have the playground right outside your door . . . the girls must love it! I am going to buy a webcam soon so I can Skype with you! Miss & love you so much! Xoxo

  9. Summur, you could sport any do. Love your hair! You are such a beautiful Mama.
    Thank you for being so descriptive on the new surroundings. It's fun to be able to get a picture of where you are and what it's like. I can just see it now... coming home from town and you are anxious to get the groceries put away, kids fed and put to bed... "can we play on the park Mama?". Your blessing becomes your curse. ha ha. That must be nice to have the play area so close. Most of the time at least :).
    So impressed with how organized you are. you are inspiring me to get busy with preschool for Carter. :)

  10. You are such a stylin' Mama! I always see pics of you and think you are so pretty! Oh, and Matt, well he's pretty stylin' too ;O)!

    How cool is that!? A play ground right outside your doorstep!

    God bless!