Saturday, September 11, 2010


We are settling in.
A few rooms are completed.

Little baby kitchen,
with my stuff jammed in the very few cabinets.
But it will work, for now:O)

Wait a minute..
Sinclair wants to be in this pic...
oh and Rie too!

The girls room is DONE~!
Clothes and toys put away.
Thank God!

Today S got her hair cut, at the same place I did last week.
She sat so perfectly, it was amazing.
(sorry this pic is blurry, she wouldn't sit still for that:O)

Our AC filter pan is full, and the ceiling is leaking.
This began on Friday morning......maintenance is not coming until Monday.
Matt talked to the apt. lady on the phone today, while I ranted and raved in the background.
Needless to say I ended up apologizing to her.
Conviction is good.

I began looking for a new place to live today.
What a day!

(this bowl was emptied 3 times already)

But I have.......
Peace in Jesus,


  1. Oh, you poor dear. I'm sure the last thing that you want to think about doing is packing up and moving again so soon. I'll pray for you. Everything looks great though. How fun for the girls to have their own room and how nice for you that you don't have to share a closet with them :). Happy for you. But yes, that kitchen is a dinker. Ha ha! I laughed at the pic's of the kitchen. Kitchen... kitchen and Sinclair... kitchen and Sinclair and Riette. :) Love it!

  2. Love the kitchen! Is it really smaller than the Modesto one? Could that be? Cute family meal at the table :) And love the girls room!!!

    The leakage on the other hand...bummer dude.

  3. What a little dolly Miss Sinclair is -- and Riette too of course! They crack me up! Love S's new 'do! Praying your new home issues are solved promptly on Monday! Hang in there Mama! I'm sure you don't want to pack up and move already again.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Oh my. It is a cute place. Any where the family home. Sorry about the problems though. our roof leaked one time too. WE had to get a new one. Expensive. Not fun. I hope everything gets fixed for your though.

  5. You have made your home too cute! Sorry about the leaking, that is a bummer. I hope they can get it fixed quickly!!

  6. Hey Sum, so sorry about the leaking. The good thing is you don't own the place and don't have to pay for it. Hopefully they fix it and you can stay, because it looks like a really cute place and you put a lot of work into it to make it super homey and even cuter! Miss you so much. Can hardly stand looking at the pictures of the girls without being able to hug them. Hope things get better. Love you, Cheri

  7. Your place is cute, even the little kitchen!