Wednesday, September 8, 2010

People, Places & Things

Hello friends!
Well, we started Homeschool Preschool yesterday.
Although children this age learn through play, I feel that Sinclair needs help in learning how to sit still....we are starting with 10 minutes.
If I read to her the same story 3 times, she is happy.
So we do that and go over her memory verses, and sing, and talk about the weather. Very exciting things.
A very good thing has been getting to have Matt home for lunch!
And Skyppe!
The girls are playing peek-a-boo with Gaga in this pic!

Rie found a red sharpie this morning.
This should be awesome for meeting new moms:O)

We went to the mall yesterday and played with Sinclair's pal Colton.

On Labor Day we had dinner with some very sweet friends, the Helms.

I do like it in TX.
The weather not so much:O)
I am missing my Mo peeps.
Love u guys!!!!

Peace in Jesus,


  1. I love how I now show up as "Riverbank" on the traffic feed? Umm...ok lol

    Yea for daddy lunch time and school time :)

    Can't wait to play at malls. It's about to rain here too if that makes you feel any better.

  2. Have you checked out MOPS?
    Happy Adjusting

  3. Love the pictures. She's very creative...the red sharpie almost looks like a Japanese symbol. Nice you have the picture of it cause it's pretty. And the picture with her going down I think it's a slide? That looks like a big open mouth, the slide part is the tongue and the thingy hanging at the top is like a tonsil....but then again, maybe I should just go to bed cause I'm seeing things?

  4. It's very cool that you're homeschooling her. I'm sure you guys will make lots of new friends soon. It's always tough to adjust to a new place.

  5. Well, you know I love homeschooling even though I'm not doing it right now. It looks like you are adjusting well! You mall has some "interesting" play equipment.

    Blessings to you, Mama!

  6. What cuties you have. Glad your move to TX has gone well. Moves are hardest on the moms, I think. Kids and Dad adjust pretty well.