Friday, September 24, 2010

Park It!

i am feeling like a lot of my posts are park posts.
when u live in an upstairs apartment, that is how you run your kids.

there is this cool place here called the preserve.
it has sidewalks all throughout this wooded area, so you can use your stroller to hike!
this is the best idea :O)

my friend Lisa took us,
and she brought her sweet little girl Faith;
who is 2 weeks younger then Rie.

look at those pretty blue eyes.

at the end of the trails there is yet another park.
this place is crawling with parks.

this week Matt and I begin our new staff classes.
i am so excited to get to work!
God is doing awesome things in Asia.

the pic above
has a tiny spec in the clouds.
what is it......

i love balloons in the sky.
today we got 2 at the dollar store and one slipped out the car window.
guess i don't always like them in the sky.

Peace in Jesus,


  1. It's so wonderful you have all those parks for the girls to run -- and the weather stays warm year round, yes? You won't have to bundle them up to get fresh air and exercise. When Bub was little he once said, "I love summer because summer means freedom!" He was referring to not having to wear boots and woolies and being able to run around in only a pair of shorts.

    Enjoy your park trips and I'm looking forward to hearing about your class!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Dave and I went to that park one of the last days we were at GFA. It is great and was such a wonderful time for Dave and I to reflect on the week and be in God's creation. Glad you had fun!
    love ya friend!

  3. I'm so excited to share it all with you, just 5 more days to see all my babies, that's u too Summur and Matt!