Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Favorite Night Of The Week

Tuesday night is prayer night at GFA.
We sing worship, the kids go up front and hear prayer requests from Gisela. Sinclair has been going up all by herself the last few weeks.
This is a huge step fro her, she is quite shy.
After the kids pray, we sing more praise songs, and then take the kids to Tot Spot. After that we get to hear someone share a devotion. And then we have prayer time. All the prayer meetings we have been to KP was the brother sharing a devotion.
But this Tuesday it was John Beers.
I wanted to share some of his devotion with you, because it really convicted me.

"Bro. KP has been talking to us about depending on the Lord. I’ve been reading the B6 (Against the Wind). There’s a section where it talks about Asa and how Asa started off so well and then by the end of his life he ended up making stupid decisions and not going to the Lord when he was sick, and ended up dying in pride. One of the statements it makes is there is a constant battle for dependence on God. It goes on to talk about a spiritual midlife crisis. We get to the point of going from total dependence on Him to somehow, almost walking in complete rebellion to the Lord. KP says it can take four phases to get to this point."

"Phase one is when someone who is called to the ministry who can testify that they have no ability or skill. They let God know if anything good is going to happen, God is going to make it happen.

Phase 2 is because this brother or sister is humble they may be put into a leadership position and they have developed some skills.

Phase 3 - More amazed at what the Lord is doing, and somehow they get more comfortable. The process starts to involve more of your self thanthe Lord.

By Phase 4 the individual becomes confident in himself and the Lord can no longer use him."

"You can see these processes, where people started off so well and pretty soon the Lord just said, never mind, I’m going somewhere else. We started off so dependent on the Lord – for instance, we could do this prayer meeting without the Lord because we’ve been doing this so long. We are now very aware of how to run and organize one. Although, nothing we did would please him but hey - we’ve learned a lot. I’ve been asking the Lord lately, how do I do that? I felt like the Lord clearly spoke to me and said, “Remember who you are.” John Beers

I need to hear that, "remember who you are".
We are nothing without Him!

Peace in Jesus,


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