Sunday, August 1, 2010


My little Munchkin had her three year old birthday party on Saturday.
3, I can't believe it!

Her party theme was Cinderella.
She chose this because it is probably the movie she watches most often.
On Monday nights we have an awesome phone call with our friends who work at GFA.
To keep the littles quiet we let them watch a movie.
Sinclair said to me the other day.....
"I watch Cinderella all the time so you can do your phone call."
So this is why she chose the theme of Cinderella...

We had her party in the park.
The Cinderella park.
(we call it that because it has the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella)
Perfect park, less mess!

The family came out to celebrate.
So nice to be with everyone.
I want to soak up all of these moments before we leave.

We were singing happy birthday to Sinclair, and she sang along to herself!
I think that was her favorite moment!
Sinclair got spoiled !
Shame on you!!!!!

Of course she had to have a pinata.
And it had to be a guitar!

Candy & Cake at 10am!

Here is the Pumpkin Carriage!
It is so fun, it bounces as you hurry to the ball!

What a fun day celebrating my little princess!
I think I should link up as Sista-Razzi because these are my sister's pictures, but.......
Peace In Jesus,


  1. Hoe fun!! Looks like a wonderful party and she had a great day! (Cinderella is my favorite)

    Happy Birthday to your princess.

  2. What a wonderful party! I love the photo of you, the girls and your husband at the end.

    I'm glad your little Cinderella had such a perfect day.

  3. Just beautiful. I love all the pictures and the party theme. That cake looked so great too. Cute pumpkin carriage. what a fun day for a 3 year old little girl.
    Happy Birthday Sinclair.

  4. Thanks for your encouraging words. Love you.

  5. Happy birthday Sinclair!!! I love your name!!

  6. What a fun day! Happy Birthday Sinclair! You're much more creative at planning birthdays than I am, Summur!

  7. What a great party for a little girl!!

  8. Great photos. Looks like a great party, and Sinclair appears to have loved every second of it.

  9. Happy Birthday Sinclair!!! What a fabulous party!! I love all the photos and especially the family one :)

  10. What a fun fun day! What could be better than cake and candy at ten am :o)! Happy Birthday Sweet Sinclair! And lots of photos to remember it by!