Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tasty Thursday

I completed my grocery shopping this morning.
Can I get a pat on the back????
After my weekly trip I feel such a sense of accomplishment to make it through with my two littles.
To speed thru Winco at super speed I must bribe my children with a doughnut treat at home.
(I.E. Keep the kids out of my hair as I put the groceries away)

Well friends here is my weekly Menu.......

THURSDAY- Turkey Calzones & Broccoli
FRIDAY- Carrot Cake....bringing it to family birthday:O)
SATURDAY- Birthday Party, No Cooking!!!!! Yippy!

SUNDAY-From Scratch Baked Beans & Salad

MONDAY- Leftovers

TUESDAY-Roasted Potato Cheese Pie

WEDNESDAY- Zucchini Parmigiana & French Bread

What are you making this week?



  1. Yum! Yesterday we had veggie lasagna. Tonight, we had company and cooked out burgers and hot dogs. Later in the week, we're having pork chops, penne pasta with asparagus and beef stroganoff.

  2. That all sounds so good Julie!!!!

  3. mmmmm Roasted Potato Cheese pie?? I need that recipe!

    Nice to see you in the Grocery store this morning my dear! (Even if it was rushed)

  4. Ooooh! THe calzones make my mouth water. Especially since I am trying to cut my carbs!!! THanks for visiting and commenting on Peaceful Divas!

  5. Oh you MUST share the recipe for the Roasted Potato Cheese Pie! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yea for Lola's birthday and no cooking! Genius!!

    You love making your carrot cake don't ya? ;)

    Oh and it's broccoli. Sorry, I'm more like dad then you know. <3

  7. mmmmm, zucchini parmigiana sounds delish! i would love to have your recipe <3

  8. YUm to it all, but the carrot cake is my favorite. YOur littles are way too cute eating their donuts. Adorable.

  9. Delicious!! Can you believe that I've never ever had a calzone? I'm not even sure what they are :oS.


  10. That Calzone looks delish! I've always wanted to try baked beans...they just sound so good.