Monday, June 28, 2010


I am feeling much better but the grills are still sick.
Although we did squeeze in some fun today.
Laundry, is fun with a little Dolly Parton in the back ground.
And a Cowboy hat makes it legit.
Earlier, when Sinclair's fever was pretty high, she came up to me and said
"Mama, I dying!"
I said..."excuse me?"
"I dying".
"You mean, you want daddy?."
"No, I dying."
This conversation had me concerned as to where she could have heard this, possibly a cartoon.Not likely!
Matt and I were talking about this over dinner and he very kindly informed me that I say this at some of my dramatic moments.
Like when I have a migraine.
At first I didn't believe it, then i thought about it, and yes it COULD be true.
Hint # 2455 to play down the dramatics......
Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. john 17:17

Here is the girls dancing to Dolly in all their glory...and diapers.....

Have your littles ever said anything shocking to you??????



  1. They are so cute. I hope that everyone is feeling better tomorrow. Love their dancing.

  2. Aw how cute in the cowboy hat. Our little echoes are always saying things that don't sound that bad coming out of our mouths, until they come out of theirs

  3. Haha "I'm dying"! The video was adorable too!

  4. You know... my kids say shocking things to me all the time. My catherine is constantly talking about killing people and such... so, I guess I am not someone to emulate in my parenting!


  5. OMGoodness, I can't imagine you being dramatic??? LOL LOL you know the story of you in the bank with my favorite word, it really gets you and makes you pay attention to how you speak. I love the dancing just like they were here, so cute are my grandbabies

  6. So adorable they are Summur! That is kind of funny though that she said that! But like you I would have been surprised just a bit! It is funny, children pick up everything, don't they!?

  7. Oh I love the clip of your girls dancing! Awesome!

  8. Oh goodness, we were sick too last week, just me and the Mister. Thankfully Soren didn't get it.

    Um, I once caught him saying a naughty word. Turns out my husband informed me that I said it in the car when someone cut me off! I said it just once though, not that it's any better. So far I haven't heard him repeat it lately.

  9. Too cute. I hope everyone is feeling better now.