Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday Favorites

Over at Happy To Design Shari hosts Sunday Favorites.
You post one of your favorites that you have written, and is your favorite (hence the name:).

The Home Grown Diet
I am going on a diet, the Home Grown diet. No not some organic food diet. Recently I discovered that my nearly 2 year old loves Home Grown, a totally awesome band my cousin is in. We downloaded some of their music off of their website and we found ourselves dancing around for more than an hour(even Matt). I felt more like jelly after that than after my crunch video.Watching Sinclair dance around reminds me of when I was small dancing around to Home Grown at Concert in the Park. It is nice to see a love of good music runs in the family.

To check them out visit
They are playing this Saturday evening in Twain Harte!
( Their concert will be July 24th 2010 in Twain Harte Ca!!!)


  1. Hi Girlfriend...

    So happy to have you for Sunday Favorites today, my friend! Girl, I tried and tried to get Home Grown's music to download for me so that I could listen to them...but to no avail! I'll try again later...shoot! Anyway, how very cute that your little one enjoys their music...sounds like ya'll had a great time!!!

    Have a super Sunday, Darlin'!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. I have never heard of them before. They must be a pretty good band. I went to their site and couldn't get their music to play either. I bookmark their site so I can try later.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. If you're still here, are you going to Twain Harte? Maybe I can talk Brandon into a weekend at the cabin before we go back to Copper!!!

  4. I just went to their site and clicked on the music and then just click what song you want. It should play without an actual download. Hope this helps.