Thursday, June 3, 2010

Special Book for Daddy And Now Daughter

I was cleaning out some storage stuff the other day, getting ready for a garage sale this weekend, when I came across this book of my husbands.
Clifford the Small Red Puppy.
I thought it was cute that Matt still had this book from his childhood.
When I asked him about it he told me it was his favorite.
Matt is a writer and was an English Major, so I figured it must be pretty good.
Last night he read it to Sinclair.
It was so sweet to watch him pass on the tradition of his love of books to her.
I am so glad he kept this book.
It is even signed to him from the Author,
Norman Bridwell.

It says "Best wishes to Matthew."

This has been another installment of

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  1. Way, way cool! We just went to a Clifford Exhibit in our area today and I learned that Norman wanted to name the dog "tiny" but his wife said that was boring so they named the dog Clifford after an imaginary friend she had from childhood! I love learning little facts like that.

    I like the "vintage" illustrations too. They are frameable.

  2. Cute! And how awesome that it was signed! The perfect thing to keep and treasure for when your girls are older :)

  3. Great photos. Pretty cool that you have a signed copy of a Clifford book. In our household, we love Clifford.

  4. That is so cool! I love the autograph too. I still have some books left over from when I was kid too. Nothing this cool though.

  5. I hope this one didn't go into the garage sale pile. :) How precious! Also... how neat to have it autographed.

  6. That is so neat. I love Clifford books.

  7. That is just awesome!! What a treasure to have.

  8. How awesome is that! A love of reading never grows old, but neither does a daddy's love. What a special moment you caught on camera! Way to go Mamma!