Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Cuddly-Wuddly


How cute!

Still cute!

Still cute?
Seals and sea lions are unpredictable and can become aggressive quickly. They have sharp teeth and may bite, particularly if cornered or harassed. Sea lions are usually playful, however they can be territorial and dangerous especially during the mating seasons. Accidents among divers are reported much more frequently than with sharks. Advice: get out of water if sea lions show territorial behavior (barking), don’t swim with large males, don’t approach sea lions during the mating season.
from answers.com
all images taken from google images

If some of you were wondering about this post.
My bro-in-law Mark and I were debating if Seals were dangerous.
And I said that they bite humans more than sharks.
(There were stories I found on deaths, especially to snorklers and divers)

Oh and.....

Hippos are the most feared animals in southern Africa. Each year more people are killed by them than by all the other animals together.
(But I did find out that mosquitos kill more people from disease:O)

With a few words.....



  1. Hmmm, interesting facts. Did you read about polar bears? Beautiful, but dangerous!

    Aren't the Telus ad hippos ridiculously cute? I wonder if that's considered false advertising?


  2. Interesting. I hate mosquitos. Grrr. I will get out of the way of a seal & sea lion for sure.

  3. Oh, that reminds me of a terrible, inappropriate joke. But I digress. I knew about hippos and stupid mosquitoes, but I had no idea seals were so dangerous!

  4. I LOVE the new blog design!!! And the matching button! I added your button to my ♥Blogging Buddies♥ section!!

  5. YIKES. That pic with all the teeth is freakin me out a little. Good info though. Drop by my linky party and see what Little Man captured. http://weloveiowa.blogspot.com/2010/06/not-so-wordless-wednesday-boys-will-be.html

  6. My cousin and Dad and I were kayaking in Monterey Bay once and those sea lions are huge when you are level with them on the water. One even came up and barked at my cousin (I am sure it wasn't THAT close, but it was still scary!!) I think any type of animal can be dangerous under the right conditions. And I did know that about hippos (even though they look so calm floating on the rivers of Africa!)

  7. Ha ha ha, are you talking about David, Shannon? Too funny!!!

    Seals are incredibly territorial! The hippos at Disneyland are a little sassy.

  8. Those animals are adorable! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. Hate mosquitos and did not realize that about the other animals. Thanks for sharing. ♥Mrs. Hart♥

  10. Thanks so much for linkin up!

  11. Oh boy, good to know, they don't seems so cuddly anymore!