Sunday, June 13, 2010

Might Be Today

Might be today
I look into your eyes
Might be today
I see your face
Might be today
you place your wounded hands on my tear stained face

I have posted this song before.
I think this is a Calvary Chapel original because it is so hard to find on You Tube.
This is my all time favorite worship song.
I just wanted to share it again today.
It helps me in my walk.
Just thinking about my actions throughout the day.
Am I loving people like I should?



  1. Good reminder! :) Thanks mama!

  2. What a beautiful song. It gave me goose bumps. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. This computer will not allow me Youtube access. I'll have to listen to it on the other one. The words are already so powerful, I'm itching to hear the tune!

    Blessed Sunday!

  4. This is a lovely song!!

    And I like the new look around here! :)