Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25th 1978....

........I was brought into this freaky world.
So today I am the big 32.
There I feel better having gotten that out.

For my 32 years of life I thought I would share 32 facts about me.

1. I married my best friend, we met on Halloween and when I first saw him he was wearing an Arnold Schwarzenegger mask.
2. Sushi is my favorite food
3. Yellow is my favorite color
4. When I was growing up I was convinced I would be an actress, and even attempted to enroll into AMDA (american musical dramatic academy)
5. I am a Born Again Christian and am going to work for the best missions organization in the world, Gospel For Asia

6. I use to be a crazy girl and have 4 tattoos:O)
7. God is so good and merciful to me
8. I love my baby girls, who are looking less and less like babies lately.
9. I would love to adopt a bunch of kids
10. Flip Flops rock
11. So do a killer pair of heels

12. My favorite place to be is at the BEACH
13. Least favorite place is the Mechanic's
14. I prefer a small group of very close friends over a large group of acquaintances.
15. All of my best friends are like sisters to me
16. And my sister and my sis-in-laws are my best friends
17. I am reading the one year bible this year
18. I feel this excuses my excessive computer usage :O)
19. I like to be around people
20. I like to make everyone laugh
21. If you don't laugh, I make it my mission to break u
22. I love to sing and dance and occasionally rap
23.My husband does not always like this, especially my rapping
24. I am a sore winner
25. But I am a gracious loser
26. Being a mama is the best job in the world
27. Being a mama is like constantly being surrounded by crazy chickens

28. I want to skydive
29. And become a certified diver
30. I love to blog
31. I love all of my bloggy friends who read me. Thank you for being so cool as to care about what I think and like. You make blogging worth it!!!!
32. My favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber.Here is the best part as my birthday present to you........



  1. Happy Birthday to you!! I love your list! Those high heels are killer, and the chickens cracked me up. I do agree though. Just wait 'til your little sweeties get a bit older. There'll be lots of clucking going on :o).

    Have a WONDERFUL day!!

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Happy Birthday! That was my college roomate's favorite movie. That brings back some fun memories!

    Enjoy your birthday.

  3. Mock YEA ing Yea Sing SING!

    So you're TELLING ME there's a chance!

    Happy birthday crazy pants. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.

    I say we go skydiving together for a birthday present some year!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Summur! Wow, you're still a youngster, just a baby. I love your list, what a great idea! Those babies grow up way too fast, let me tell ya! Enjoy them, love them and play with them. Enjoy the rest of your birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Gal!!!! You are very interesting! The babies are getting so big. I would love to skydive too. You have 4 tattoos? I have none yet. I have penciled myself in to get one when I'm 45.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!
    p.s. - I have (and still) always wanted a tattoo ;)

  7. Happy Birthday to you. Loved learning all these fun things about you. God is good isn't He. So glad He called you to the ministry. Love that movie too. So funny.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank you for sharing about yourself! Your girls are adorable and I hope you have a nice day!!

  9. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  10. Happy Birthday Summer!!! I love keeping up with you on your BLOG. I remember all those good times in Drama/School Plays. I too thought I'd be a professional actor. I do however get to play pretend everyday so I was pretty close.
    Love ya,

  11. happy birthday again, miss lady. i didn't know you had four tattoos! thank you for teaching me something i didn't already know about you :) also, definitely go skydiving ... you'll LOVE IT! here's a video of me doing it, if you're interested in watching. hope you had a phenomenal day! <3

  12. you need to tell Fletcher of your want to go skydiving and scuba diving, he's jumped at leasst 65 times and would love to take you and Corrina, he loves scuba and wants to get licensed or whatever you get for that, so would love company under the deep blue sea. Happy birthday again my daughter, I can't believe it was 32 yrs ago I gave birth to you. 1 of the happiest days of my life. Love you Mom

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I never realized how much we have in common! I would also like to adopt a bunch of kids, I love the beach and flip flops DO rock!! I wanna go skydiving too!

  14. Soooooooo special to get to know you through blogging! You are one amazing gal who loves the Lord, and it shows through all that you do. Yes, you are crazy and make everyone laugh, no doubt rapping in high heels. Thanks for being such a great friend and I hope your 32nd birthday is very special. I just found a great Christian female rapper. I think I'll post it for you on my blog. Hugs. and happy birthday (young chic!)

  15. Happy very belated birthday! We have a lot in common, like loving the beach and loving sushi. I hope you had a great one!