Sunday, June 20, 2010

First REAL Movie

I took Sinclair today to her very first movie.
Toy Story 3

She did much better than expected.
She sat quietly throughout the movie
There was a little scary part at the end, she sat on my lap and was fine with some reassurance.

It was part of our gift to Matt to go out and let him watch the golf game in silence(Rie slept).

The movie was cute and kept my attention.
There was a little girl in the movie named Bonnie, who totally reminded me of Sinclair.
She was shy and wore a tutu and rain boots.
Just like my girl.

There was even a character who reminded me of Riette.
Her name was
Big Baby

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Have you stalked your kids with a camera this week????



  1. Aww, that would be a fun Mom and daughter time. And a nice quiet afternoon for Dad! Happy Father's day to your Dear Hubby! Loved the post below too. Old photos are so interesting to study.


  2. WOW! We haven't even done that, but I was thinking about taking Kailyn to see it!

  3. That sounds like so much fun! What a great mother-daughter date!

  4. You are braver than we are. My youngest is 6 and she has yet to sit through a movie in a theatre.

  5. I just found you through Household6Diva - we have a lot in common! Our family of 9 is also headed for Texas - traveling to raise support for our ministry with Wycliffe Bible Translators. May God continue to bless you! Do you have a moving date set? And where in TX will you be?

    Sweet pics of your family. :)

  6. How fun!! That is a great thing to get out for a Mommy daughter outing as well as let Daddy have a little quiet time! Glad you girls had fun!! Happy Father's Day to your husband!

  7. We broke down and took the kids on opening day to the early show. It was only $4 a ticket. It was the cutest movie. funny, sad, suspensful. It had it all. I loved all the characters...well except for the mean bear.

  8. Looking Good Braley Mama! Love your outfit. I've heard good things about the movie. Thanks for the itp on the scary part.

  9. You guys look adorable!!

    We took the kids on Saturday to see it. All Lily can talk about is how bog baby sticks her tongue out and does the raspberry thing at the meanie. It's hilarious watching her tell the story.

  10. What a fun thing to do!!! I love that pic of the two of you - it's fantastic!