Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What A Day

Today was one of those days. Rie is teething, need I say more!!
Sinclair is 2, need I say any more:O) HA!
If it wasn't for the cuteness.......
I could see myself going crazy.
If it wasn't for God, I could see myself going REALLY crazy!!!
To top off my lovely day, Rie got into my un-baby-proofed cabinet. Then proceeded to break a pyrex baking dish. Did I mention she was only in a onsie!!!!! The Lord protected her and she only had very small cuts.
But it could have been bad.
On days like today I am so thankful I have Him to lean on !!!

On a lighter note......
I chopped it:O)


  1. Your hair looks great! Does it feel much better, whenever my hair gets cut I feel better! Sounds like you had a long day. Thank the lord that your baby is okay! Hope you get to have some rest tonight!!

  2. Ha-that's awesome! I made your 'people I stalk' list!!

  3. Hair is great! I've been tempted to chop mine as summer approaches too. And on "those" days, I'm even more tempted (perhaps I'm less likely to pull it out if it's shorter...) Glad Rie's exploration was only a minor disaster - are any cabinets really baby-proof?

  4. very cute cut! It looks great :)

  5. Thank you guys!!!!!
    Cindy-I feel a million times better:O)

  6. Wow... you look like one hot mama!

    sorry your kids are making you bonkers!!

  7. Love your hair and as you now I've been there too! I had a glass measuring cup break a few feet away from her and oh how it scared me but she was fine - the cup not so much.

    YOur hair looks great!

  8. Gotta love those days. I say that all the time about Stunt man..."God made him cute for a reason" LOL
    LOVE THE HAIR...I noticed it right away.

  9. Your hair is soooooooooo cute! WOW, Thank You God for protecting our baby!!!

  10. Ohhh, I love it! Your hair that is! Isn't it nice to know we all have those days and that we're covered by the grace of God?!


  11. I adore the new haircut!! It looks great on you!

  12. Oh dear, I hope the rest of the week went better. I've definitely had those days.

    I LOVE your haircut! I wish I could pull that off, but I don't look good in bangs. You have such great hair.