Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too Skinny

This Wordless Wednesday demands words.
I took my just turned one year old to her well visit today.
And she was only 27in and 17lbs.
That is only 5% for height and less then 3% for weight.
(apparently they don't count 1 or 2% as being valid)
So I guess I need to feed her some more calories or she will end up looking like this in 12 years......(google image)



  1. Yes, yes! Please encourage her to eat more! That photo gives me the heebies! There's nothing wrong with being thin, but that photo is obsessive and gives young women a really bad idea of what healthy is. I'm pretty sure Riette will not look like that down the road. She has an awesome Mama looking after her!


  2. Thanks Deborah!!!! I am not worried about her she is small and moves all the time:O)

  3. http://www.dove.us/#/features/videos/default.aspx[cp-documentid=7049579]
    It's nver too early to tell her beauty is made in his image.
    Hugs, A

  4. Is that a real image or is it doctored? That is way too thin.

    Anyway, my kiddos were always low on weight too; they grew tall fast and could never keep up with weight. I had to keep them on whole milk, etc., and in time they evened out. Not to worry; I'm sure your little one is healthy and thriving. :)

  5. Haha my little one is tiny too. My husband was always on the low end of the scale when he was growing up and he's huge now! I wouldn't sweat it.

    That girl is WAY to skinny though. That has to be Photoshoped!

  6. My little one is tiny and moves everywhere all the time (thus, I do not worry about her too much). The picture is just scary, the advertising out there for everyone to see, not impressed. Devan @ Accustomed Chaos just wrote a post on what our daughters see/ Media and Advertising...

  7. Eww...that's just wrong! Who would want to look like that? Oh wait...that's right...the majority of young girls everywhere. So sad.

  8. That has got to be airbrushing. Her head is bigger than her waste!! That just doesn't balance!

  9. Completey unrelated to this post...

    Or maybe it is related? If Riette ate lots of chocolate she might gain some weight!

    Anyways...Dan asked me to start a chocolate review blog and facebook page! Hilarious!!! So here is the link


    We just started it so it's a little boring. But we'll see what happens :)

  10. How gross....I just saw a teenage girl at the mall today, and she was skinnier than this?!

    My son is in the 5th percentile for his weight and height. He is 5yo and weighs 34 pounds (but he is Autistic and has food sensory issues). It's hard getting little ones to eat!

  11. I wouldn't worry about it. Seems she is proportionate to me. My nephews & niece were never on the charts...my brother in law is really thin. My sister's kids are proportionate, but off the charts.

  12. Yikes that picture is not cute at all. Scary. Lots of pedia sure. I never had small babies. :( They were always in like the 95th percentile. They always looked older than they were. ATleast yours will stay a baby for a while. :)