Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Fun Mama

This morning has gone a thousand times better than yesterday.
A play date always helps.
But does anyone ever have a laundry room that looks like this?????.......

After a very fun playdate with my girl Miss and her littles.
And she is so great that she even stayed with my babies, as I had a chiropractor appt. (yes she stayed with 4 babies under 3)
And I did not do any dishes last night........

No beds made......
Does any one ever have a house that looks this bad?
I must be the worst!!!!!

If you do have a messy house once in a while, I bet your kids don't do crazy things like mine..........

They probably would never put a chair on top of an ottoman and think that that was...."so fun mama!"


  1. You aren't the worst by far. Some days, my house is completely trashed! I don't have a laundry room (my washer and dryer are in a closet), so I often have laundry piled all over the floor! At least your laundry is contained.

  2. My laundry room looks just like we speak.
    No beds in this house were made today.
    The dishes were not done last night either.
    And, let's see....oh yes. Felicity was seated in a very similiar sized chair on top of her similiar sized toy box today.

    My friend...just rest assured, you are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))

  3. Haha yes my house looked just like that until I cleaned it. lol I'm going to post some pictures of my messy kitchen on Monday as a matter of fact! Love the new blog design!! It's new right?!?!

  4. Laundry room? Check. Dirty dishes? Check. Messy bed? Check. Child in chair on top of ROCKING armchair? Check. Ack! Gotta love escaping to the chiropractor though!

  5. Heh heh! I'd love for you to drop in unexpectedly. You'd feel right at home ;o). Even the child in chair on top of ottoman. Isn't it funny how women's lives can be so intertwined :o).


  6. You guys are so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Where did you get these pictures of my house? lol. Thanks for keeping it real!

    You are too cute and I love your hair!

    I found you through the OMA blog listing...I enjoyed the book as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Kristine

  8. I was going to try to make you feel better by letting you know that your house is definitely NOT the worst... I have a laundry room too, but the clothes seem to like hanging out in the bedroom, where (by the way) I never have a bed made. BUT, I think reading all the other comments has actually made ME feel better- thanks everyone! As for a kid on a chair, on a chair, I don't have that... YET!

  9. My house looks like yours most days. =D

  10. :) It's real life lady!

    I wanted to start a list of things I should never have to say... but I say so many a day... I can't remember them all.

    "Don't hit your friends with sticks" for example

  11. Having a little clutter once in a while means that you are a fun and good mommy. There are more important things than just cleaning.
    What a sweet friend. I love going to the chiro alone. So relaxing.
    Love your new header picture. So sweet.

  12. Don't feel bad...I'll bet that everyone's house looks like that from time to time!

  13. Oh yeah.. my house looks worse, and I'm not tripping over littles! What a sweetie pie she is in the laundry room!

  14. it's the typical "toddler house"! when my boys were tods i had the identical house!! life goes on and they learn to do chores...yippy! then the house returns to less than flood stage once more :) blessings on you this season...your daughters are beautiful! :)

  15. Yep, I think my kitchen may look like this on any given day! Those are the things I avoid daily, ha ha! :) Your daughter is soo cute, nope you are right, as of right now Bailey does not do that!

  16. Lol! As soon as I saw the pic of Sinclair, and read that she said "so fun," it made me think of Addie. Is it being age two, or just that their personalities are similar, I wonder--? :)

    Your blog is always fun to read, and I love seeing pics of your adorable girls!

  17. I think you must have my house mixed up with yours. I think we all struggle with all this. Thing is we live in our homes, we're there almost all the time and our house reflects that. I long ago resigned to the fact that I will never have a Better Homes house, but I do have a house that people are comfortable in. It's not always the cleanest, but you can kick your shoes off, slouch on the couch (push the baby wipes and stuff to the other side), and just relax. You're not going to hurt anything to say the least. I've long held to: If you want to come visit our family, come anytime. But if you want to see my house, please make an appt.!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on Mother's Day and leaving a comment!

  18. Oh my goodness, were you at my house? :) Seriously, mine looks like that a lot, especially when we're going somewhere and i don't have time to clean up. I'm sure many of our homes look like that (minus the chair balanced on the ottoman, lol).