Sunday, May 30, 2010


by Roger Robicheau

Their courage deems utmost respect
Their mission clear, our way protect

It’s sure to each what they must do
No give or take, keep freedom true

With the grand old flag, they'll unite
Whenever they must, march to fight

A life we know counts hard on them
Without their ranks, hellish problem

If our Armed Forces ceased to be
How long could we survive as free

Let’s well realize the truthful score
We need our troops just like before

Boils down to this, words to engrave
Land of The Free, Due to The Brave

God Bless each one for being there
Their loved ones too, unending care

Hope born from love touches the will
Do back them strong, means to fulfill

Americans – Who Serve To Give
One Nation – Under God We Live


The Braley sisters were guest hosting on "The Dora Cooking Show" this week. And boy did they really go bananas.

Sinclair really hogged the camera.

But she did start out following the recipe.

Then Riette wanted some screen time, and tried to get into the oven. Can you imagine?

Sinclair did offer to clean up.

But her sister was who she thought really needed a good cleaning.

That's what the Mamarazzi captured this week.

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Have you stalked your kids with a camera this week????


  1. They are so cute! I love that apron!

  2. They are too cute!! I love the way you tell what they are doing! Happy Memorial Day!

  3. They are too cute and I love the little apron. Adorable.

    Have a beautiful Memorial Day!

  4. I'm so happy GaGa and GPa could help them be creative with their new kitchen, now for Sinclair's bday we will have to get the dishes and tools, oh boy!

  5. I hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day with those gorgeous children:-)

  6. Oh how fun! I love the photo of Sinclair in the fridge and Riette stepping in the oven. So cute!

  7. Lol! Those girls are always up to something! They're such sweeties!