Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feed Me Books Friday

The Lovely Adventure Mom Janna holds an awesome Friday link up called Feed Me Books Friday.

This week we look at Mama's, of course!

Here are three books I don't own, but want to!

Love You Forever

I am sure every mom has read this book.
If not you must.
Love You Forever is the most touching children's book I have ever read!
Is Your Mama A Llama?

I love the rhyming in this book.
It is so charming, and easy for toddlers to memorize.
Before I Was Your Mother

Children, we were all so very cool and beautiful before we had you.
Here is a gentle reminder! Ha!

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of the baby mamas.
From The Braley Mama!

Happy Day Mom!


  1. Happy Mother's day coming up to you too.
    Oh my those are good books. We love "Love you Forever"
    Great book.

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  3. I love the book love you mom used to read it to us when I was younger!

  4. Great selection of books! I love all three of these books! Iused to read Love You Forever to my kids when they were little and sing the song to them as they grew up. Sometimes I still do. It was always nice to substitue their names for the last line "As long as you're living, my ____ (their name) you'll be." I was first introduced to this book in college when I was taking Elementary Ed classes. When I heard the author read it, he made it much more "funny" than I would have, but it's a great book!

  5. I love Is Your Mama a Llama! I hope you have a great Mother's Day too. Enjoy those two cuties!

  6. Hello sweet Summur - Love this post! Great books you've listed. Our fave is "Love You Forever" precious. To this day I still cannot read it without some tears.

    Wishing you a Blessed Mother's Day!


  7. Great selections!!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Love the idea of Before I Was Your Mother! Sounds like a great reminder to both the kids and ourselves that being a mommy is not the whole of who we are!

  9. I love you forever is one of my favorite books!!! But I can never read it without tears in my eyes -- such a great story!!

    Happy Mothers day!!!

  10. Happy Mother's Day! I have the Llama book but I definitely need to check the other books out!

  11. Ahh! I loved seeing your mom. I like the diff. perspective of Before I was your mother. It's hard to imagine life before motherhood these days.:)

  12. I used to read "I Love You Forever" when I was little! It's such a great book!

  13. I still can't read "I Love You Forever" with out getting tears in my eyes. I'm going to see if our library has the other books. They sound great too!