Saturday, May 1, 2010

1 Singular Sensation

we celebrated Rie Rie's birthday in the park today.
and because she is turning one, she has no preference to her party...
and because i like owls....
we had an owl birthday party.
so cute & so easy
i love a park party, easy cleanup!!!!

Riette will not be one until next Thursday.
But we were not sure of when we would be moving.
it was so nice to have a small family party just to enjoy the gift she is to all of us.
(we don't have a departure date yet:O)

all the kiddos enjoyed the playground.
i was reminded of when I was little and the playground was just as great as an amusement park. so awesome to see it in their smiles!

and here is what makes this park so great.
the cinderella carriage.
i should have got a wider shot, sorry.
when i was little this park had this Cinderella carraige, Dinosaur swings, and a shoe slide(like the little old lady who lived in a shoe).
they took down everything else, but I am so excited that they left this.
even if it is coated in 40 year old lead paint,ha~!

rie eating her cake was so funny.
she just held it and licked it for so long, staring at all of the people taking pictures of her.

thank you brothers, sisters, moms and dads, and cousins for making this such a special day for us.
Riette loves all of her cool new toys, and spiffy clothes.


  1. Soo cute, Happy birthday to her!! I love the cupcakes, I think I am going to do cupcakes for my daughter's first b-day!

  2. OMWord she is so cute and I love her Owl shirt. The cookies were adorable too. So glad that the weather was nice to have an outdoor party. Great idea at the park too. All kids love the park.
    Happy Birthday Riette!

  3. Happy almost-First Birthday Riette! Sounds like such fun :)

  4. Good times! Kailyn asked about the bounce house for hours after we left. Spoiled child of mine! Apparently family, cupcakes, cookies, painting, presents, and the park aren't enough!

    It's so weird we won't be celebrating any more birthdays with you this year. So sad. We'll have to start a Skype internet birthday tradition :)

  5. That looks like a perfect birthday!!

  6. Great party and a cute theme!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet girl - can't wait to meet you!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Riette! I love the owl party idea! Did you make those cookies?? They are amazing!!

  9. What a perfect day! I love what a great party you created, from those darling cookies to the park setting. How cool is that carriage? I'm glad it's still there for kids to enjoy.

    Happy Birthday Riette (such a cool name)!

  10. Happy First Birthday

    I hope your move goes smooth.

  11. Happy Birthday tomorrow Riette!! You have the most beautiful eyes and sweetest expressions! What a wonderful gift you are to your family! May the Lord surround you with his love and blessings all the days of your life!