Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mamarazzi Country Style

last week my BFF Miss and I took our kiddies for a walk.
Miss was coming over so I asked her to bring her jogging stroller.
She took it apart and packed it up in her car, a good 20 minutes of work went into this endeavor.
When she arrived, she set up her jogging stroller.
We bundled up the kids and went out side.
That is the precise moment I realized that Matt had taken the car that had my stroller in it:O)
Good thing she loves me.
We put the babies in her stroller and walked the toddlers next store, an orchard over:O)
To show these city folk some tractors.
So we still got a little exercise!!!!
I think Luca liked what he saw.
And here is sweet forgiving Missy, or Auntie My My as we call her:O)

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Have you stalked your kids with a camera this week????


  1. GGreat pictures!! Looks like a fun day!

  2. i see a mommy hiding behind a stroller! tee-hee.

  3. That looks like a fun escapade:-)

  4. Looks a little chilly. Glad y'all had fun!

  5. I bet the toddlers LOVED not being strapped into a stroller!And wow, the tractors are BIG.

    Looks like a fun day!

  6. What a fun time, and what great photos! It looks so beautiful where you are... orchards and everything!

  7. Those are some BIG tiers. Cute pics ;)


  8. I called my boys over to see these pictures...

    William said...
    "Tractor!!! WOOK MOMMY!!! Tractor!!!!"

    Jacob said...
    "Mommy I want to ride on the John Deere Tractor!!!"

    Just thought I'd share that... lol!

    ps. Very cute photos --
    awesome job Mamarazzi!!

  9. Wow they are so little compared to that tire. That thing is huge. Still looks like everyone had fun.

  10. I love excursions like this. Sometimes the best times happen when plans are broken. And don't you love that kids are so fascinated by the simplest things, rather than zoos and amusement parks?