Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 11 Months Rie & Tackling Walking

How has this happened?
my tiny little baby is 11 months old today:O(
did I not just get married?
did i not just have my first baby last month?
OBVIOUSLY not because my second is 11 months
what a fun 11 months it has been having sweet Riette Adeline in this world
she is a social bug
who walks and talks
and I am happy to report her first word was mama
then dada
although now she mostly says
ya ya ya ya
to everything
she is so cute
i even love her little strawberry growing on her head
it just shows how sweet she is
Rie Rie, as we call her, loves her sissy so much
i am quit sure Sinclair is her favorite person in all the world
And here is the tackle of the week.....
(sorry it is sideways)

She started taking steps a few weeks ago, but the last few days she has been trucking all around the house.
I think that that is a pretty big tackle:O)

What did you Tackle?


  1. That is a huge tackle. What to go Rie! She is precious. Happy 11 months!

  2. Awww, how cute. I love how she just stands right back up. They grow up way to fast don't they?

  3. What a great milestone tackle!!

  4. She's adorable! WTWalk Rie!!

  5. happy 11 months, big girrrrrrrl! ya ya ya ya! love the hair 'do :)

  6. Too precious... The time definitely flies by. Alex is close to walking too and he also said Mama first... then Dada... now it is a lot of ba ba ba, pa pa,etc. When did we get old enough to have little ones running around anyway?