Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg Head

Every year we head out to far far away land, Stockton Ca. We joined Matt's dad Keith, at his country club on Saturday for an Easter brunch. It really is a fun time with the family.
There is an egg hunt on the golf course that the children really enjoy.
But this year they decided to move the egg hunt for the 3 and unders.
Where did they move it to...........

Next to the pool.
Genius! And that is why this is my tackle. Every adult there was walking around on egg-shells trying to keep their kiddos from falling in.
And the eggs were filled with hard candy.
Seriously, What's up with that????
And now that I got that off of my chest, I can gush about the good parts of the weekend.
First off the reality of my savior, Jesus. Easter is just the sweetest time to reflect on Him and all He has done for me(and You).
Second the time with family was so awesome.
The girls got to see their cousins, on both sides.
Papa Keith and Grandma Kerri, Uncle Mark and Aunt Lala, and Uncle Paul and Aunt Cheri were there too! To fun~!
On Easter Sunday we went to church and had a egg hunt, in our living room because of the rain, with GaGa and Gpa(my mom and her fiance)!
Then they took us to dinner and we met my sister and her kids there.
I have an awesome family and feel blessed to have gotten this great weekend in:O)

That is my Tackle!
What did you Tackle?


  1. Your family is just beautiful. Love the cute. Your hair looks great. So glad your Easter was good.

  2. It looks like you had so much fun! I enjoyed all the pictures! Your daughters' jackets are ADORABLE!!!!

  3. Oh yes! Keeping them out of the pool and not choking on hard candy must have been quite the tackle. :) Glad you all had a nice Easter.

  4. What a fun tackle!! Putting it by the pool was pretty ill-conceived.

  5. I love you daughters' coats...they're SO pretty!!

  6. I would have been disturbed by the location! Not a smart idea at all. Neither was the candy selection!

    Everyone looks so cute!

  7. That is scary!! What were they thinking?? Your girls' coats are adorable. I notice I'm not the only one who thinks so :o). I'm glad you had a good (and safe) weekend to enjoy with your family!


  8. Yeah, what's up with the hard candy and the pool hunt?

    Your girls looked so cute. They have the nicest coats. I love those old-fashioned tweeds, very classy.