Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Joy from The Stay-At-Home Missionary
had a giveaway recently I just could not pass up.
I love Joy's blog it is so insightful on being a christian wife and mother, I just glean so much from her words.
Well her friend Karina started an online dress company called Vintage Inspired.
These dresses that she makes are just the cutest things ever.Can u believe I won????
I am so blessed! I got to pick out the fabric, the cut, and if I wanted a zipper or buttons.
Here is the dress I chose.
Sinclair was asked to show her princess pose.....
I love love love this dress!
Thank you Joy and Karina, so very much!

And I want to thank my sweet friend Alissa from Simple Sweet Inspiration.
She had a Savemart 50$ gift card giveaway, and I was so blessed to have won that!!!
Thank you Alissa!
Now lets make a coffee date ;0)
What about you?
Have you won a blog contest????


  1. Hi Summur...

    Ohh..what a darling dress! Sinclair looks adorable! I love all of those vintage dress patterns! Anyway, congratulations on all of your gifts...what a blessing!

    Girlfriend, I just took a peek at the photos in your last post! I just about busted a gut laughing! Everyone has to experience at least one "toilet paper mishap"! Hehe!!! Too cute!

    So happy that you stopped by for a visit the other day...I really enjoyed your note, sweet lady! Thank you!!! Have a terrific Thursday, Darlin'!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Her dress is totally amazing! I love the finger and the nose shot. Hilarious!

  3. I love it - gosh I may have to take a look over there and get one -- wow. Soooo cute.

  4. Adorable :)

    And yes i have a 11 month old who will be one the 22nd of April..

    When will your little one be 1?

  5. Jackie-Riette's birthday is May 13, so just a few weeks apart:O)

  6. Congratulations! It is sooooo cute!!

  7. Summur, do you ever NOT win a blog giveaway contest? Sinclair looks very cute!


  8. soo cute! that's pretty awesome, getting to pick out a 'vintage-inspired' dress for your little girl!
    i have entered blog contests, but never won. someday!

  9. Those dresses are adorable!!! They are so pretty yet look very comfy! I am off to check out her website!!!

  10. Yea, what Shannon said! How do you have the time to read and stalk all these blogs. Here I try and win 2 different things for you and wound up empty handed.

    Do me a favor...KHOP is giving away Disneyland tickets today. Maybe if you send the text, and not me, you'll win them (but you'd have to give me on of course) ;)

  11. She looks so pretty!!!

    I'm going to have to go check that website out! :)

  12. I so want that dress for Kira -- soo adorable!! Good job winning :)

  13. OH MY WORD. Too cute. congrats on the wins. I just posted my wins yesterday too.