Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I Wrestled A Turkey In My Kitchen Sink

Don't worry it was already dead.
I had a Turkey in the freezer from the holidays and thought it might be a good idea to roast it today for the weekend.
It is not that hard to do, even though before 2 years ago I was to scared to attempt it. Isn't that like life, you are too scared to attempt something, you miss out for so long. Then you do it, and realize.... wow, I can do this, with the Lord, and it was easy!!!!
Here is a pic of my stuffing I made. That was easy too. Just french bread, celery, onions, butter, sage, pepper and stock.
Easy Peasy.
So I made a turkey, well I roasted it and God made it:O)
This weekend is our big weekend at church.

Tommorow night we are going to the young married's bible study.
Friday night we are sharing at the missions meeting.
Sunday we will have a table set up between services.
Monday we are having a share night to talk about our journey so far.
If you want, please come out and say Howdy!
As you can see it will be busy so we will be eating turkey sandwiches and turkey enchiladas and green eggs and turkey! HA!
Is this picture gross?
I should have taken it before Matt started to carve it.
The babies had to be fed, so you all get to see the inside of a turkey, yum!
I was feeling so holiday-ish that I hung up the rest of the sage as mistle toe.
Anything to get a free kiss.

Annnd for some great news, we have 5 new supporters!
Praise Him!
Thank you all so much for your prayers!
You are such a blessing to me!


  1. Wow girl turkey in March...I love it. Green eggs and turkey will be fun on St. Patty's Day:)

  2. Too bad Matt doesn't like soups...wild rice and turkey soup!

    I'm excited about Monday. Trish and Dan want to come. Cool eh?

  3. Turkey sounds sooooo good! Great idea with hanging up the sage. You always have the best ideas :-)

  4. My husband would love me to cook a turkey.

  5. All this Thanksgiving-type baking makes me want to trim a tree. Happy holidays! LOL.

  6. Yum! The smell of roasting turkey and turkey leftovers for other meals!

    Hooray for new supporters too!