Sunday, March 7, 2010

Momarazzi Mondays!!

The Braley sisters are at it again!!!!
This time they were caught clubbin' at Club Bed.
And, to their dismay, caught wearing the same couture outfit.
But they ended up having so much fun that they even posed for a few mamarazzi pictures.
A big no no in the Bloggy-wood community!

Sinclair really loves that camera!
Work it girl!

The Braley sisters played so hard that the club bed manager, Big PaPa, had to put this party to a halt.

This is the craziness I caught with my camera this week.
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  1. Cute and I love their matching pjs...ADORABLE. They always look like they are having such fun together.

  2. Lol! You'll have to tell them they need to find different designers. (Truth be told,I loved (and still do)dressing my girls the same)!


  3. What cute pictures! I love Sinclair's poses. She is quite the little model. :-)
    Stopping by from Mamarazzi Monday.

  4. i was just thinking about you guys last night. i miss my girls. im prayin for you guys. love you, miss you. love cousin elisabeth

  5. LOVE it!!!! I adore their jammies. :-)

  6. Hi Summur...

    Ohhh...absolutely adorable, Girlfriend!!! You really did capture some great photos of your precious girls and the big papa having fun! Too cute! Those lime green and white polka dot jammies are sooo cute! Ohh...and I loved Sinclair's posing photo! Thank you for sharing these adorable photos with us...great "mamarazzi" pics!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my kitchen! I always love your visits...and your sweet notes! Thank you, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. What adorable pajamas!!! Where do you shop?

    And I love that your husband is Big Papa... what a great way to describe him in the sequence!!

    Great Job Mamarazzi! :)

  8. :) so cute! little girls can be such BIG hams!

  9. They are SO cute in the matching pajamas!!! I do that to my girls too! :)

  10. I love those jammies! They are adorable.

    The kids are pretty sweet too. :)

  11. AHHHH! The Cuteness is killing me! Love the matching jammies. I can hear the giggles from those pics!

  12. They are so precious! Green polka dots is definately their color. Is the baby teething?

  13. Your girls are sooooo cute! And I love their pjs!

  14. Pam- she is teething, great observation:O)

  15. Love it!!! Hahahaha! I love these little adventures the Braley girls have. That Sinclair has been watching the Red Carpet interviews, she has the pose down perfect!

    Thanks for the smile this gave me.