Friday, March 12, 2010

But You Just Got Here

My sweet Riette. You are such a little social bug. Talking to everyone, and constantly having to see just what sissy is doing.
I can't believe how many months I have been blessed with your cuddles.

From the first hour to......

Month One

Month Two

Month three

Month Four

Month Five

Month Six

Month seven

Month Eight

Month Nine

And a Happy Ten Month Birthday.
Love you so, our little miracle!


  1. She is really growing up fast! Wow, what a wonderful blessing! Now I want grandchildren!!

  2. She is precious. I love how she sucks her thumb. 10 months does fly by.

  3. She is just beautiful! Time goes by so fast.

  4. It goes fast, doesn't it? Ten months is a lot of fun. What a mommy to catalog each month in a picture. That's pretty huge. I like month 9--all messy like.

  5. This post gave me baby fever, envy, love, lust...4mo was cute with the hat.

    Glad you are counting your blessings!

  6. Good grief! Didn't you just post her ninth month. Oh how the time moves so swiftly. Happy tenth month Riette. She is such a sweet pea and has the most beautiful eyes!