Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OHHHHH How I Have Missed You!

I have not had the internet for three days, can you believe it?
You were reading posts I had pre-scheduled.
But I was not able to follow all my dear blog friends.
I have missed you so!!!!!
Maybe tomorrow I can catch up a little on what you all have been doing.
Today I took the girls to JCPenny to get their pics taken.
I didn't get this one, but thought I would share it with ya'll.
Hope to read your lovely blogs soon:)


  1. Cute! And yes, I like the dresses you found. Score! Did you get any pics of Rie by herself? Can't wait to see them.

  2. Your girls are too adorable! Love the pink and that hairband is too cute!

    We've been buried with snow. Thankfully, we kept our power!

    Here are some of our snow photos:

  3. Adorable!!!
    Love your header pic too :)

  4. Love the baby's headband!

    Welcome back to power.

  5. They are adorable. What a great picture. I hate being off line. Good to have you back:) I love the schedule post option

  6. Welcome back ;o)! What a sweet photo of your little Valentines! I love seeing photos of them. It reminds me of a time when mine were that little. *sigh* Time moves so quickly!


  7. How adorable! I really need to get take my son for some professional photos too. Your girls got a great shot together, which can be rare to get both kids to cooperate.