Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be Mine!

Valentines mid-morning fun!
Daddy made waffles.
Mommy drank coffee:)
I went crazy organizing toys, got rid of a lot.
It is amazing how much more fun toys are when they are organized.
For Valentine's day we got Sinclair and Riette shoes.
Riette Liked hers.
Sinclair cryed when she saw hers.
But I put them in a Princess lunchbox, which I found a Ross for 2 bucks.
(And I found a bible cover for 2 dollars, well it did not have a tag. The lady asked me what it was and I told her, then she said will you take it for 2 bucks......oh yes please?....I use to sell ones like this for 25 dollars at Beardsleys!!!!!!)
So the princess lunch box now holds all the doll house stuff!!!!
I guess it was more a Valentine for me, a storage box!!!!
I might have to take Sinclair back to Ross to pick out some new tennis shoes.
Maybe she doesn't like them because they are boy shoes.
They had L.A. Gear tennis shoes on clearance for 6 bucks.
How does she already know they are for boys????
Well I better attend to my children.
Happy Valentines day!!!


  1. I love Ross! and being organized:)

    C'mon mom get her some sparkly shoes!")

  2. I wish we had a Ross'
    I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!
    Those pictures are cute they play good together.

  3. Kailyn's are a 9. Just put some heavy duty socks on her then she can wear hers. They are nice and worn in, much more comfy :)

  4. It sounds like you had a fun and productive day! :)

  5. I love getting organized! These photos are so cute; looks like they had fun!

  6. I really really need to get more organized! Good job! About the shoes, somehow they just know. I've never figured out how, but they just know. Could you maybe find cute girly laces?


  7. Oh, they are so precious! We miss all of you so much . . . let's try for a playdate next week! Love you sister!