Monday, January 18, 2010

You Can Call Me... Summur Moon Beam Braley

I use to think that all the hippies that told me to take this or that herb for whatever I had to complain about that week, were all a bunch of granola heads........well not really:). But I could not believe that these simple plants could heal you when people, companies, spend millions of dollars to find and or make perscription drugs for us. Don't these billion dollar companies have my best interest at stake?
Well recently I had a hard time getting a perscription a Dr. said I needed. After the insurance approved it, it ended up being really expensive too. Well I got on my knees......much later then I should have, and asked the Lord for His will. I really felt like He was leading me towards natural remedies....things that He made.

So here is some of the new stuff I have been using and loving.

I have been taking B2-Riboflavin thanks to Summer..........this has really put a halt to her migraines, and mine (Lord willing).

To try and relax after a long day I have been drinking some Tension Tamer tea, and saying "SERENITY NOW!"

Vitamin A and E are suppose to help with restoring my GI tract, along with Cabbage juice.

Which I was trying to find, but now I get to make because Gaga and GPa are kindly giving me their juicer!

To help with sinus problems I hopped on the netty-pot-craze-band-wagon.

( No that is not me doing the netty pot. I found a pic on the internet of a pretty lady, and thought I would spare you my snot:)

That is what I have been tackling lately.
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  1. Awesome healthy tackle:-) I LOVE my neti pot!

  2. Well I'm not a hippy tree hugger or anything, but we use herbs all the time when we get sick. We haven't used over the counter or off the shelf meds in years because of it.
    I'm glad that you are giving this a shot and I know you won't be disappointed!

  3. i think this is the best form of healing out there besides the Healer himself. He made our bodies to heal themselves if we are putting the right things in them. I say the more natural the better. We use natural whenever we can.

  4. i hope these things help you! i can't say cabbage juice sounds appealing, though.
    and i was looking at your blogger profile... mary poppins is your favorite movie? she's my role model. i have a mary poppins bag (with tons of things in it) and a duck umbrella. haha :)

  5. and, that is the best-looking neti pot user i have ever seen.

  6. Ok. So, you need to tell me how that netti pot works for you. Seriously! I have contemplated getting one to ward off (& cure) my sinus issues but I have been to chicken to try...

  7. Look at you with 200 comments!
    :) I love my Neti pot. When you talk to someone who doesn't use one... they look at you like you're growing hair out of your armpits and about to go hug a tree or something.


  8. I'd love to figure out that netti pot thing. You would like the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. It has recipes for things like making your own sauerkraut, etc. I can hardly imagining juicing it--ugh..

  9. And I can't even remember to take a vitamin! Cabbage juice huh? Is that good?

  10. The natural route often does work much better than the pharmaceutical route. I never knew about the B2's though! I'm going to have to start on that two. Migraines are NOT fun! The neti pot is my friend :o). Your photo cracked me up!


  11. Great Tackle It Tuesday Post. I just could NOT do it. It makes my eyes water just thinking about using a Netti Pot