Monday, January 11, 2010

Tackling Christmas.........Is It Over Yet?

I am joining 5MFM for Tackle It Tuesday.
I tackled Christmas.
Or the end of it.
We celebrated Christmas with my mama, Gaga, her man, G-Pa, and my sister and bro-in-law this past weekend.

It was A LOT of fun,
A LOT of food,
and A LOT of presents.
But Christmas is finally over.
(I say that with love)
My hubs and I both have divorced parents.
This makes for A LOT of celebrations.

Kori, my sis, got the Wii for her Birthday.
Sinclair was really into it.
So cute to see her thinking she is actually doing it.
Hate to break it to her one day that we will probably not have video games in our home.
Maybe I should put a box in front of the TV, give her a remote, and tell her it's a video game.
It could work.


  1. Hey there! My daughter loves to run around in her diaper too. I'm guessing her video games will be the same as yours. I still haven't ever seen a Wii. I'm soooo out of it:)

  2. It looks like a great end to a long holiday season:-)

  3. Too cute. I love all the smiley pictures. That is a lot of celebrations. Wow.

  4. love all the great pictures sounds like a great visit

  5. It was late but it was fun. Always a great time with you guys and the kids. I love seeing the grandbabies havinf a good time. I think we all did. Love GaGa

  6. These were a joy to look at!!! Beautiful kiddos!!!

  7. All that celebrating must be fun...but tiring!

  8. looks like fun! :) PS - when are you going to remove the word verification? PLEASEEEEE???