Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday Favorites

Over at Happy To Design Shari hosts Sunday Favorites.
You post one of your favorites that you have written, and is your favorite (hence the name:).

This Is How We Do It

It is Tuesday and ya'll know what that is Tackle it Tuesday.
Today I am showing you how I tackle a family of four living in a one room house.
I feel very blessed to be living in this house.
In fact I love my home.
But a lot of people are confused by how we make it work.
So here is the tour.
( Don't worry it wont take too long!)

Here we have our living room/dining room/rec room/office/nursery.......I am not joking.

See office and nursery.

And Rec Room.

Next room is the bedroom/2 year old room/toy room/diaper changing station/closet.

Then we have the kitchen/other office/laundry room/future nursery/other closet.

When it gets cooler we will move the crib behind that curtain.
So we can possibly reclaim our dining room table.
Here is where we keep all of our mission support raising material and personal files.

See what I mean about the other closet. :)

Well that's how we do it.
Don't you just love to see how other people live.
You crazy voyeurs!


  1. All we need now is a tour of the OUTSIDE.

  2. Wow! You really gotta be on top of organizing. It's great that you manage your family in a small, but happy home!

  3. We have many rooms that share titles. Happy home!

  4. wow! Amazing! but in a cute way!

  5. It is amazing what we can do without. You have all the creature comforts here. All you need.

  6. Hi Summur...

    My friend, I have learned in my 50+ years that a home is what you make it! I love your small but darling castle!!! I think you must be the master of organizing, etc! Hehe! Now I must ask the question...are you and your family in ministry? Just curious! My friend, I have been where you are...and at the time had 5 kiddos! It was some of the best days of my life though!!! Thank you so much for sharing your little piece of heaven with us today for Sunday Favorites!!! I love your home!!!

    Have a super Sunday, Darlin'!
    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happu To Design

  7. I love it! Yes, I am a voyeur!
    All the comforts of home!

  8. We cram 9348984659 things into each room makes things interesting, but fun! :)

    You have a lovely home!

  9. It looks so cozy and comfortable! I love it!


  10. I love the kitchen window. I think I would do dishes all day just to look outside! It looks like a very happy home Summur, filled with love and blessings.