Sunday, January 24, 2010

School Daze

We are unofficially beginning to home-school.
Sinclair is still young, but most moms teach through play everyday.
I thought I would just start off with some hands on learning.
I have a child development background, so I have heard a lot of the theories on preschool aged learning.
I really like the un-school approach, or Reggio Emilia approach.
Basically you focus on things the child is interested in and teach around a project.
Along with this I have been praying about using the Bible as our main text book.
Last week we talked about love, God's love, and loving others.
So here is the beginning of The Valentines Project.

I provided some materials for the girls, watched what they did , and we talk about it.
Riette chose to eat the crayon.

Sinclair chose to use the stickers.
She did this for about a half an hour, it was great!
We talked about love, and ended up talking about colors.

Then we put a sticker on Rie.
She liked it.....

Until Sinclair tried to pull it off:)

I love this look.
She feels so accomplished.


  1. It looks fantastic, Sinclair!

    Good for you and good luck to you, Summur. :-)

  2. Love it! They learn so fast and so easily!

  3. Your little ones are so cute.


  4. THose turned out great. She is so cute.

  5. Rie can eat the crayon, but we're all eating her up! what a dear! We have done some "unschooling" in our day also. I start formal school around 6 or so, and that is still pretty relaxed.