Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Dying Wish Is To Be An Iron Chef Judge

Have you ever thought about what your dying wish would be? Like if you were going to die, well you are, but I mean if you were for sure dying very soon. And before you die a foundation that grants wishes, i.e. Make-A-Wish, asked you if you could do one thing, what would that be?
I have no doubt, after spending time with family, I would be a judge on Iron Chef America.
If you haven't seen the show you are missing out. That is if you like to watch people cooking for one hour.
No they are not teaching you how to cook you are watching them cook.
It is an odd show.
There is a huge cast of characters including a live audience.
The first character you meet is the Chairman.
Basically just a guy who announces the "secret ingredient" and has an Uncle who hosts the original Iron Chef.
The secret ingredient, which the chefs learn about only seconds before they begin cooking, is revealed by lifting up this huge steel cover like magic. As the Chairman Yells it at you......"The secret ingredient is .......PEANUTS!"
Yes, peanuts!
There is a guest Chef.
Usually a famous, skilled chef.
That chef gets to choose between the Iron Chefs; Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masahura Morimoto, and Cat Kora.
All very good Chefs. They choose their chef that they want to compete against, are given the secret ingredient, and 60 minutes to prepare 4 or even 5 courses.
As they are cooking, with 2 or 3 sous chefs, the great Alton Brown is announcing the whole thing.

Alton Brown knows everything......about food.
He is able to tell you what the chefs are preparing after a few chops, mixes, and dollops.
He even describes how the ingredients chemically interact with one another.
He is a food genius. He also has a show called Good Eats, which I highly recommend.
Okay, enough about Alton and back to the reason being a judge on this show is my dream.
After the chefs cook their hearts out, their food is tasted by 3 guest judges.
The first is generally a semi famous foodie, the second is just famous and usually knows nothing about food, and the third is a food critic who isn't too famous.
The reason I want to be one of these blessed buggers is to taste the awesome food that is prepared.
Here is the food that was prepared on the Iron Chef show "Peanut Battle".......

Guest Chef
Inverted Pad Thai with Peanut Noodles
Ants On A Log: Scallops with peanuts,celery foam, all on celery root and peanut butter.
Indian Peanut Soup with Fried Onions
Peanut Veal Tenderloin with Chocolate Port Sauce
Molten Chocolate Peanut Cake

Iron Chef Bobby Flay
Peanut Lobster and Green Chile Soup
Peanut Crusted Halibut with Red Curry Sauce
BBQ Ribs with Peanut Red Chile Sauce
Peanut French Toast with Rasberry Sauce
Chocolate peanut Creme Brulee and peanut Beignets

As you can see the menu is too die for!
(Not literally)

(Kori you should so get this game)


  1. My sister is really into that show too,,,it's very exciting to watch!

  2. You wish I would get that game so YOU could play it. Brandon would happily guest judge with you. Then Matt & I will sit in the audience and eat chocolate chip cookies.

    Did I tell you about our cuisine adventure in the bay area? Brandon ordered Bison tartar & bacon wrapped duck with glazed pear. Eww!

    I'll stick with my filet at Bistro MMM!!!

  3. Oh my oldest daughter would love this game. How fun. She loves to watch cooking shows.

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  5. :) I've watched that show before. It's a lot of fun!