Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Little Freak Of Nature

Look what Riette did today.
Yes, she pulled herself up to stand.
She isn't even 7 months yet!
She is such a freak of nature.
Now please don't go calling Child Protective Services on me.
I really do mean that statement in the nicest of ways.
She just does everything way too early.

If Sinclair had done things early I would have been fine with it.
I feel like the first kids life moves at a snails pace, and the second moves like lightning.
She needs to chillax and stay a baby.
At one week old she was sleeping through the night, then she started scooting and crawling at 5 and 6 months.
Why do kids always do the opposite of what you want.
I want her laying on the floor immobile depending on me for everything.
But she can still sleep through the night :)


  1. Mover and shaker that she is, she is still a cutie pie!!


  2. Oh Mama! She looks so very proud of herself! If she takes a step before our "lazy" 13 month old then I will be jealous:)

  3. She's going to be a Kailyn (minus the 'tude)!

  4. HAHAHA.
    Ben did that too.. but he waited until 10 months to walk on his own.

  5. Sorry she's growing up too fast! But that's awesome about the sleep!