Sunday, December 27, 2009

Martha Stewart Is Not My Friend

I tried to make most of my Christmas gifts this year.
I got so involved with these trays I was mosaic-ing that the only other gift I made was this "I am bored Jar".
Basically just a jar full of crafty things, puzzles, little toys and playing cards.

I got the idea to Mosaic from Martha.
We are not close personal friends, I saw her on the Today show doing Mosiac and she made it look so easy.
Well it is not easy.
Probably one of the reasons we are not friends is that I found this task, that she described as simple, rather difficult.
The fact that we have never met might also have something to do with the whole not being friends thing:)

After lots of trial and error; i.e. breaking the plates and mixing the grout wrong, this is what I ended up with.

I suggest buying the glass tiles and making a design from there.
If you want to do a pot or frame you could break your own"tiles".
For a flat surface I really liked using the pretty glass tiles.

If anything it was a learning experience, I find myself saying that a lot lately. :)
And the fam I gave them too liked it better then Fruitcakes, so we're all good!


  1. Your project looks very nice though!!!

  2. Is mine the brown one? :) Oooooh so pretty!!!!

  3. Nice try Kori, urs is not pictured:)
    That is Mark and Laura's and the blue is Keith and Kers.

  4. Those look great. I've always wanted to try mosaics but I hate to break I'll have to try buying the tiles. Good Job Summur!