Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye Bye E-Lis-A-Be-Th !

Our WONDERFUL cousin Elisabeth is going back out to the mission field, for 2 more years.
Praise the Lord for her Faithfulness to the Lord.
But selfishly, I am saddened.
Not only will I miss my young cousin , but I will also miss my babysitter.
She has been such a servant to our family helping us with Sinclair, and now Riette.
When Sinclair was teeny tiny she would come over and hold her so I could shower, pick up,
what have you.
Ever since then they have formed a special bond.
Every time Elisabeth returns from Mexico, Sinclair has always remembered her.
(This is a big deal for my daughter, who could see you one day and the next act as if she has no clue who you are!)
It was a special treat for us all hearing Sinclair say Elisabeths name for the first time.
We love you Elisabeth; and we are praying for you.
Thanks for all of your help!


  1. What a tear jerker! <3 you Elisabeth (with an S) :)Can't wait for FB updates on what's happening in Me-hi-co!!

    Feliz ano nuevo!

  2. sorry Elisabeth, I really knew how to spell it:0