Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Someone got a hold of my lipgloss!
Check out other great pics at 5mfm!


  1. Lol! Isn't she cute?! Did your lip gloss survive? I've have a couple destroyed over the years.


  2. LOL! Mine LOVES my makeup... begs me to put some on her. I don't... 'cause I'm a mean mommy... but I love when she wears lip gloss... it's HILARIOUS to me!

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  4. Hi Summer,
    I hope you're all feeling better today. I don't know if you are an Award Free blog or if you gladly accept Awards, but I've awarded you one on my blog. Please feel free to come by and collect it. I have let my readers know that many blogs don't accept them that the comments their readers leave is award enough, so if that is the case with you then hopefully you will at least get a few more readers and a few more comments. I myself read your blog faithfully!